Investment solutions

Investment solutions for institutional investors

Investment solutions

We offer research, financial tools and investment solutions to help you achieve your investment goals. Consider us your implemented investment solutions partner. Working as an extension of your team, we address issues such as investment governance and due diligence. We also cover risk mitigation, sustainability, alternative investments, and cost management. We flex our services to suit your requirements and determine the best way to future-proof your portfolio.
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Solutions to help you achieve your investment goals

Addressing complex investment challenges

Risk management

Be better prepared with our risk-management framework. This will help you navigate today’s most pressing risks and tomorrow’s potential hurdles.

Investing sustainably

If you want to benefit from long-term investments that match your sustainability goals, we aim to help you make choices that will help to deliver true societal gains, alongside a good return potential.

Manager research and sourcing

We can help you optimise your investment strategy by engaging our global research network and accessing some of the world’s best investment managers and ideas.

Implementation services

We will gain an understanding of your goals and then work as an extension of your team. We’ll help you improve your investment governance, management and implementation. Contact us to find out more.

Governance and due diligence

Leverage our expertise to expand your governance capabilities and improve your due diligence processes. This will help you to identify optimum investment opportunities.

Alternative investments

Gaining exposure to private assets or hedge funds can diversify a portfolio’s risk and return profile, while aiming to increase its capacity to deal with market volatility. Leverage our expertise in the field to boost your access to new opportunities.